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What if the worst thing that could happen is failure?

It was the Thursday before Thanksgiving and my CEO called a last minute meeting to tell us that the next week would be our last. We were just another failed startup that was left in the wake of Silicon Valley.

Almost exactly one year prior, I had left my dream job to work at this pre-Series A healthcare startup that I was convinced was going to change the future of healthcare.

I believed in my CEO, I believed in the mission and the product, and I truly believed we could lead the way in redefining the future of how care is delivered and how patients derive value from our innovative model.

Unfortunately, our company couldn’t find investors who saw the same value that we know is there. I found myself about to walk into my 9:00 AM appointment, trying to figure out not only what I was supposed to tell my patient but also how I was going to use this opportunity to begin again.

My decisions over the past year as well as everything I had learned from this failed startup flashed before my eyes as I walked up the driveway. I quickly realized that I could have never had this experience from reading textbooks at school or taking online courses. I knew I had to take it all and keep going. Healthcare in and of itself may wait around and remain stagnant but everything else around it will not. The future is now.

Thus, Motivly was born: a data-driven physical therapy and lifestyle wellness company.

Motivly grew out of a passion for helping others find their deepest motivations in order to realize the best versions of themselves. This is done by challenging the status quo of healthcare- by welcoming innovation and change. Motivly focuses on a client-centered model, using real-time data from the most common exercise technology platforms to develop, facilitate and monitor customized programs. Services offered include running and movement assessments, success programming and nutritional planning on both group and individual levels.

My entire vision for Motivly was built around “The Three E’s”: Empower, Educate, Elevate. The goal is to empower every client to take control of their own health and create their own definitions of what their path to recovery and wellness looks like. Education- understanding the why and the how behind everything we do- will ensure this and decrease dependency on others when it comes to putting the work in. As a result, you will start to see your performance, strength, confidence, overall physical and mental health elevate to new levels as you achieve your goals.

Feeling motivated and ready to do this? Contact me at and let's get going.

Written by: Arielle West PT, DPT

Founder and Head Physical Therapist at Motivly