Take control of your own health and path towards success. Find that deeper motivation.


Understand the how and the why. Learn what works for YOU.


Raise your bar. Optimize and enhance the way you perform and how you feel.



Motivly was born out of a passion for challenging the status quo of healthcare and its constant resistance to change and innovation. The digital transformation is here and it's time to embrace it.

Founded by Dr. Arielle West PT, DPT, Motivly uses data analytics combined with remote patient monitoring (RPM) and professional expertise to keep you on your path towards achieving your goals.

Designed around three key concepts- empowerment, education, elevation- Motivly's primary mission is to keep YOU at the center of everything.


About The Founder

Originally from Massachusetts, Arielle received both her undergraduate and doctoral education from Northeastern University in Boston, MA. After finishing school she moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2013 where she currently lives with her husband and black lab.

Specializing in orthopedics and sports medicine, Arielle has a strong background working in integrated healthcare settings, with clients of all ages and lifestyles.

She has worked at the wellness center of one of the largest tech companies in the world as well as most recently at a Silicon Valley startup focusing on RPM using wearable technology.


Her diverse experience has been key to forming her vision for Motivly. One that combines a personal, empathetic approach with virtual care- always driven first and foremost by the needs and goals of her clients.